Comic Book Review- Superman: Year One (Book 1)

DC Comics

Comic book writer Frank Miller has written across the industry including DC Comics’ Batman, Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, and Image Comics’ Spawn (though he probably wants to forget that experience. Now he partners with artist John Romita for a brand new take on the Man of Steel in DC Black Label’s Superman: Year One.

Similar to American Alien, the story starts with the infant Kal-El being found by the Kents. After being named Clark by his adopted parents, he starts to realize from an early age that he has special abilities. From the time of his was elementary school days in Smallville, he had super-strength, even flipping a truck to retrieve a baseball. In High School, he learns to fly and shares his secret with his girlfriend Lana Lang. As he grows older, he has vague memories of Krypton and starts to wonder if he is a visitor or if he belongs on Earth.

Normally, I am not a fan of the style of the type of artwork used in this story, but I felt like Romita did a good job complimenting the plot. On that note, Miller delivers yet again. I will admit, I did find narration a bit confusing. At times, it seemed Clark was narrating and others like a third party observer. Also, the title was a bit confusing. Since its focus is one Clark Kent’s childhood and high school years, it is odd that it is titled “Year One,” obviously a throwback to his early Batman origin, but that actually followed a calendar year when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.

Other than that, his retooling of the early days of Superman is spot on. It is a different take on the Last Son of Krypton that is unique in a way that only Frank Miller could do. Since this is part one of three, I am looking forward to seeing what is next.

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