Captain Kirk Sets Phaser To Max On Tarantino/Star Trek Film

All of the Quentin Tarantino fanboys were elated to hear all of the rumors and leaks of information regarding the big-budget grindhouse director’s possible screenwriting and even directing of a sequel to Star Trek Beyond. At first, it seemed that his deal has been dropped by Paramount/CBS following accusations of abuse on the set of Kill Bill. Yet, recent comments from him seem to indicate he is still attached to the project and that ot will be rated ‘R’ because that’s a new thing where film bros are into. This has caused a split in the fandom with some newer fans supporting the move while more seasoned fans (including yours truly) know this is a bad move.

It seems that the original Captain Kirk himself, actor William Shatner, agrees with the sentiment that “Gene Roddenberry revolving in his grave.” He added, “If you could harness that, you could use that as the power for the whole film.” Bounding Into Comics reports that Shatner made those comments to People NOW.

Asked if he would appear in the film, he said, “If Quentin Tarantino said to me, ‘Will you play Captain Kirk in this film?’ Leonard Nimoy played Spock in one of J.J. Abrams’ films. And I said to him. They went back in time to see him. I said, ‘Leonard, when you go back in time and you are still old, Leonard. That’s really old.”

Shatner is right on point here. Tarantino has a thing and supposedly he is good at it, but delving into a genre he has no history in, just to make a beloved franchise another one of his grindhouse features is insulting to Star Trek fans. Does CBS really think this will revive the franchise? Nonsense. There are many more qualified directors who can make a Star Trek movie. They just need to know where to look.

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3 thoughts on “Captain Kirk Sets Phaser To Max On Tarantino/Star Trek Film

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