#AmReading – Till Human Voices Wake Us By CS Johnson

My friend and fellow author C.S. Johnson shines again with her latest novel Till Human Voices Wake Us: A Science Fantasy Novel. It is a tale that takes us off the coasts and deep into the lost region of an underwater sea society.

From the Amazon description:

There is nothing Milo Bishop fears more than the thought that he is going insane. Having grown up hearing his Uncle Jay’s stories about the strange mermaids Milo never had a reason to believe they were actually true. But when a near-death experience gives Milo a vision of a mermaid calling to him for help, Milo is forced to test his uncle’s claims. And when he winds up in Rasulka, the mermaid community tucked away, deep under the southern California seas, the question of his uncle’s sanity is the least of his concerns.

For in the heart of Rasulka, a growing whirlpool in the ocean-sky and the terrarium’s changing climate — along with a discarded prophecy that says their end will come when humans appear — all suggest that the end is near. Along with his uncle and best friend, Moss, and Eluia, a young mermaid who grew up hearing myths about humans, Milo has only hours to sort through his doubts and insecurities and face down unimaginable terrors if he is going to find his way home — before Rasulka, and everyone in it, is lost forever.

This is a retelling of the legend of Atlantis and mermaids in a modern setting is interesting. One theme I have noticed in Johnson’s books including the recent One Flew Through the Dragon Heart novel, is she likes misfit characters. This novel was no different. Milo is an outsider who lives in fear of losing his mind Though he has a woman who loves him, he does not seem him as a good fit for her, especially after his near-death experience. Going from this point and onto the adventure into the sea, you will not want to stop.

Once you get this book, beware, you will be staying up late every night wanting to know what happens next.

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