Graphic Novel Review- Spencer And Locke 2

Ever wonder what would happen if Beetle Bailey was to fight a grown-up version of Calvin and Hobbs? Writer David Pepose and Santiago Jr., Jorge have the answer. Look no further than the epic comic book sequel from Action Labs Entertainment that turned the newspaper funnies on its head in a satirical and violent way.

Following volume one, Locke is suspended after solving the murder of high school sweetheart Sophie Jenkins, which led to a pile of corpses after taking out a whole drug ring. He is choosing to accept this so he can available as a father to his recently found daughter Hero. His imaginary partner, who is an anthro-panther Spencer, wants him to fight. However, Locke is called back into action when a disturbed former soldier Roach Riley, who has an imaginary partner of his own, is going on a rampage through the city, wiping out corrupt politicians and any civilians who get in his way. It’s up to Locke and Spencer to stop this madman before the whole city catches on fire.

While I’m not prepared to say it better than the first volume, I am prepared to say it is frickin’ awesome. Its mature look at the world with cops, detectives, and crime is stunningly elegant for  The violence, mayhem, and the irreverent look at the Sunday morning funny papers is all too good. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially how both Locke and Spencer evolved from the first story. It sees them grow and change while meeting new characters, friends and foes alike. I spoke with Pepose at LA Comic Con 2019 and he told me that volume three was underway. This second volume definitely got me excited for what is coming next.

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