Christian Evangelist Warns About The Dangers Of Universalism

There is a creeping false doctrine that is trying to infiltrate the Christian Church and that is universalism. Evangelist and author Chris Overstreet gave a two-part answer regarding universalism and placing your faith in Jesus Christ.

Written on Facebook, he said, “Paul wrote to Timothy as well and warned Timothy that in the last days many will depart from the faith because they gave heed to doctrines of demons. I want to encourage you please open up your Bible and read it and study it. Don’t listen to any preacher no matter how charismatic they are or popular they are that does not teach the Bible.”

He continued, “There is power in the word of God. Hebrews 4:12 declares that the word of God is living and powerful. God’s word is still relevant today and will always be relevant. If you are under a leader that denies the word of God and tries to teach other things other than the Bible, have nothing to do with them and have nothing to do with their message, for they are false teachers only concerned about themselves. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They promised things that they cannot deliver and they are slaves to sin.

These false teachers are like clouds that have no water. They tried to seduce those that have no biblical understanding and may twist the Scriptures only to please themselves. I recently had two young girls tell me that they were involved in a cult. They told me that their pastor did not really want to read the Bible and try to convince them to read other things. He said what should we do? I told them to have nothing to do with them find a church that preaches the Bible and that is not trying to tickle people’s ears.”

He would later expand on this in a later post: “In one of my last post I shared how I felt Jude is the book to be reading right now. I know that some of you may not agree with my post concerning universalism and humanism here because these false teachers have secretly sought you out but my hopes in this post is to help anyone that has been taken advantage of deceptive spirits by bringing truth with love that will set people free.”

He added, “Christian leaders must be more concerned (about) obeying The Holy Spirit and pleasing him more than the desire to please people. Ezekiel the prophet was called by God to deliver a message and if he did not do it, blood would be on his hands and he would give an account for his lack of obedience. If one is called to be a leader in the body of Christ by God not by man then he or she will be held accountable at a higher standard than others. Paul warned Timothy of the qualifications of leaders and told him not to (appoint) a leader prematurely. Paul knew that doing so would hurt the church at large and would also hurt the leader that had not been tested yet.”

“What is humanism and what is universalism you may ask?

Humanism puts man on the throne and is demonic in nature. Humanism started by Satan who is a fallen angel who desired to be worshiped. Humanism by existence is the idol worship of self. Humanism exults the accomplishments of man and the wisdom that he thinks that he has. Humanism is the unveiling of self-pride and self-seeking. Humanism desires that man be in charge. The idea that God is in charge is foolishness to those that support humanism. The occult by nature practices humanism because it makes one feel as if they are in control and are designed to indulge in whatever makes them feel good. They teach people not to restrain yourself from any desire that you have but to indulge in any sin that comes to mind.

Universalism is the belief that all humankind will eventually be saved. The belief stems from the idea that God is so loving and he would never let anyone go to hell. This idea gives support to picking the Bible apart. The trendy universalist that is blinded by darkness also are the ones that try to convince people that the word of God is not as relevant as it used to be. The main tagline for universalists is love wins. The idea is love always overcomes and because God is loving everything is going to be just fine. However, the wisdom that they think they have is foolishness to God.”

Overstreet concludes, “Make it a point to study your Bible and if you hear teachings that embrace universalism and humanism have nothing to do with it nor it’s teachers. Their teachings are inspired by the devil and those teachers are wolves in sheep clothing’s and they do not care for your souls they only care about themselves. In 1st John, they are labeled as children of the devil. You can always tell a false teacher by the fruit they bear. If they embrace and teach lifestyles that are contradictory to what Jesus taught and revealed to his apostles don’t even spend one moment with these clouds that have no rain. Find a faith family that believes in the word of God and still believes that it is important to fill the great commission listed in Matthew 28.”

It is an important message that Christians need to hear. With all the talk of “love wins,” it is important to note the truth of the Gospel and that the love of God is way bigger than anything the world could offer us.

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2 thoughts on “Christian Evangelist Warns About The Dangers Of Universalism

  1. It is good to have seen and read your blog regarding humanism and universalism. So many well known leaders past and present are proliferating the Christian community with this dangerous infection. The Lord showed that those who do this are speaking words that are like a treble hook for fishing. When swallowed only Jesus Christ can remove them, but there will be great pain and suffering along the way for the recipient. I have a message I would like to share with you and your audience: THE DREADFUL SIN OF LYING

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