Kathleen Kennedy Proves Disney’s Mismanagement Of Star Wars

Disney may have the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the princess films down pat. When it comes to Star Wars, one of the most beloved science fiction franchises of all time, they have really dropped the ball especially when it comes to the leadership of LucasFilms.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, LucasFilms President Kathleen Kennedy made it clear that Star Wars films would be slow-rolled out. Nothing wrong with that. The problem was her reasoning.

“There’s no source material. We don’t have comic books. We don’t have 800-page novels,” she said. “We don’t have anything other than passionate storytellers who get together and talk about what the next iteration might be. We go through a really normal development process that everybody else does.”

What the heck is Kennedy talking about? Ever since Return of the Jedi, there has been a myriad of novels, RPGs, comic books, video games, young adult novellas, and even children’s books that are collectively known as the Expanded Universe. Everything from the Old Republic, to the Clone Wars, to the rise of the Empire, and to after the Battle of Endor. It either slipped her mind or she is trying to erase years of canon.

Disney, at least, knows about them. After they bought out George Lucas, they said in a statement released in 2014, “In order to give maximum creative freedom to the filmmakers and also preserve an element of surprise and discovery for the audience, Star Wars Episodes VII-IX will not tell the same story told in the post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe.” Kennedy is even quoted in the statement, though not about the EU.

To me, this is further evidence that Disney has lost touch with their fanbase. Of course, they did not have to use the EU, but pretending it does not exist or forgetting it exists exposes their lack of the ingenuity of the franchise. It started after the release of The Last Jedi, when director Rian Johnson through a tantrum over the criticism of the film. Instead of accepting the critiques, Disney has not only echoed this tantrum but has doubled down, even as original actors Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill expressed concerns about the movie.

As for Kathleen Kennedy, her not remembering the Expanded Universe is a clear sign that she is not right for this franchise. That is not to say she would not do well in other areas, but Star Wars is not her wheelhouse. She hired mystery box filmmaker J.J. Abrams for the first film, hired hack director Rian Johnson for the next, and instead of hiring someone like Gareth Edwards, who directed the only well-received new entry Rogue One, she rehired Abrams, who started this fiasco we call the Sequel Trilogy.

It is time for Disney to put someone in place who has an actual love for Star War’s rich history in cinema, literature, and gaming. With Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige being tapped to make an entry, perhaps Disney is looking to make a change. Hopefully, they will make one for the better, but considering there track record so far, it is unlikely.

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10 thoughts on “Kathleen Kennedy Proves Disney’s Mismanagement Of Star Wars

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  8. George Lucas started the pre-production on the sequel trilogy before he sold to Disney. He appointed Kennedy before that happened. Lucas himself dismissed the EU at not part of his story so all those books about Luke’s kids couldn’t be used for a backstory for this trilogy.

    So Kennedy’s remarks make complete sense in this context of the sequel trilogy. I’m not sure how you write about films when consider Rian Johnson a hack and you’re too stupid to know that Gareth Edwards work on Rogue One was such a mess they had to bring in Tony Gilroy. That’s probably why Edwards hasn’t made a film since it came out and Rian Johnson has a critically acclaimed film being released next week.

    You’re a hack. You can’t even read an article in the right context before writing an ill informed rant.

    • First of all, it doesn’t matter if he started pre-production or that he appointed Kennedy. She still is doing a terrible job and to say there is nothing is completely ridiculous.

      As for Rian Johnson, he is a hack. He’s a terrible director who has no idea how to tell a story. Also, Edwards film went through reshoots, but test audiences liked his cut better so they put a lot of what he had filmed back in. Not to mention the actors said the reshoots weren’t a big deal.
      Also, just because Rian has a “critically acclaimed” film coming out does not matter. Critics love bad films.

      God bless you.

      • Apparently audiences love bad films because Rian Johnson’s last three films have been very successful. Knives Out is a huge hit. It’s amazing that you write about films and yet you’re this obtuse. It’s fine you don’t like The Last Jedi. There’s a very vocal minority that didn’t like it which is fine, but you’re silly name calling rants and tweets about “ruin johnson” are neither witty or Christ loving for that matter.

        You’re completely lost when it comes to Rogue One. If you’re curious Gilroy has talked about it.

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