‘Klaus’ Review- A Delightful Christmas Animated Feature

Klaus is an animated Christmas comedy film written and directed by Sergio Pablos in his directorial debut. It was produced by Sergio Pablos Animation Studios and had a limited release in theaters before being streamed on Netflix.

Spoiled brat Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) is the son of a local Postmaster General. He is sent off to the island town Smeerensburg and told that if he can deliver 6,000 messages through the local post office, he can come home. He is taken there by the sarcastic skipper Mogens (Norm Macdonald) and soon discovers a town in the brink of a feud between the Ellingboes and the Krums. The only neutral party seems to be teacher-turned-fish saleswoman Alva (Rashida Jones). Desperate, he travels to a cabin hidden in the northern part of the island named Klaus (J. K. Simmons), who has a warehouse full of toys. After finding a picture drawn by a kid from the town, Klaus starts paying Jesper to deliver toys to them. From their adventures, kids start to pay to send letters to him for toys. As more kids get toys, soon they and their parents start to spread joy in the town and neighboring villages. However, the town leaders start to lose their power and plan on getting rid of Jesper as Christmas nears.

This is one of the finest animated features I have ever seen. The style, the character designs, the flow, and the backgrounds are done with amazing talent. It barely skips a beat and reminded me what animation used to be before CGI took over. It is incredibly developed and was impressive to the Nth Degree.

As for the voice acting, it is spot on. Every person delivers their performance not only with skill but with care. Schwartzman, Simmons, and Jones were all excellent, but I especially wanted to shout Macdonald. He delivers his character’s sarcasm with all of the wit you can ask for.

For the Christmas element, it was heartwarming, but not in a cheesy way. It brings to light how a legend like Santa Claus can be born, just by one story at a time. While the story is fiction, it shows realism as to how one man can change a whole community by showing a little bit of kindness and spreading a little joy. I want to give Pablos credit. For his first time film, it was done with excellence.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Rude behavior

FAVORITE QUOTE: Mr. Klaus, you have a gift.

Check out the trailer below:

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5 thoughts on “‘Klaus’ Review- A Delightful Christmas Animated Feature

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  3. YAASS! My older daughter (17) watched this on her own and then begged us to watch it with her. I was skeptical. But I absolutely loved it. Bawled my eyes out. It was really surprising. I hope it wins. Glad it was nominated.

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