Top 10 Jason Todd Costumes

Created by writer Gary Conway and artist Don Newton, Jason Todd would become the second Robin and sidekick to Batman. He would be a grittier, darker boy wonder who would perish at the hands of the Joker. However, he would return as the Red Hood. Throughout the years in DC Comics, he would wear several uniforms. Here are my Top 10 Jason Todd Costumes:

10. Hush

During the Hush event, Clayface discusses himself as Jason Todd to try to trick into thinking the second Robin had returned. Later, it was revealed it was Todd working with Tommy Elliott who was actually Hush.

09. Original Robin suit

Most folks do not remember, but Jason Todd was a blonde. Yep, hard to believe. His origin was also similar to Grayson’s, but he would later dye his black. Later on, he would get a grimmer origin involving stealing tires off the Batmobile.

08. Superhero

For a brief time, Jason would take on a sidekick and try to imitate Batman and Robin with a suit that was designed to look more like a traditional superhero. This outfit would not last long and he would part ways with his sidekick Scarlet.

07. Reform

After Jason moves to Arkham Asylum, he escapes but agrees to help Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, who were Batman and Robin at the time. He combines his original and superhero look for the battle before returning to regular form.

06. DC Rebirth

Red Hood develops a more sinister look as he becomes an outlaw on his own following the “Year of the Villain” event.

05. Original Red Hood

When Jason Todd first returns to confront Batman, he takes on the identity of the Red Hood, which formerly belonged to the Joker.

04. Batman

After Bruce Wayne vanished following a battle with Darkseid, Jason Todd challenges Tim Drake and Dick Grayson for the cape and cowl. Though Todd manages to beat Drake, Grayson takes the mask from him.

03. Arkhamverse

Batman saves Commissioner Gordon from Todd during the climax of Batman: Arkham Knight. He manages to damage his original helmet and reveals the red mask.

02. Outlaw

Red Hood leads two teams of anti-heroes following New 52. The first involves former Teen Titans Starfire and Arsenal. Later, he would lead Artemis and Bizarro, even battling Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

01. Arkham Knight

In the video game, Jason Todd works with Scarecrow to take over Gotham City and defeat the Dark Knight. He and Batman would confront one another when it was revealed that the Caped Crusader thought Jason was killed by the Joker.

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