Welcome to my blog. I am a political journalist, videographer, and author. I am involved in several creative projects. I’m the publisher of this independent blog as well as the producer and creator of StudioJake web series on YouTube.

I hope that any reader will feel encouraged or inspired by what you read here. My goal is not to define the movies, books, or television shows that I review according to how the outside influence, but give my honest and genuine analysis of whatever it is I am writing about. Check it out and consider subscribing!

For more, follow me on Twitter: @RealJacobAirey, Instagram: real.jacob.airey, Facebook: Author Jacob Airey, and subscribe to my YouTube channel: StudioJake.

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If you would like to order your paperback copy of my debut novel Cacophony: A Tale Of Faith And Fear, click here. If you want to download it for your iPad or tablet click here. The Kindle edition is now on sale! It is an incredible paranormal thriller about a group of demons trying to steal human souls by assaulting their church. The Messenger Gabriel, a Guardian angel Christopher, and the Seven Archangels are sent by God to stop them. It’s a tale that mixes drama, supernatural fiction, with a dash of fantasy.

All works here are my own and are owned by me. Plagiarism is not cool! 
I will, on occasion share another bloggers' article, but I will give he or she 
full credit for their work. 

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