The Anointing- An Original Painting

This is a painting I did called The Anointing. It is entirely in acrylic. The hand and the surrounded atmosphere is meant to represent how God moves in all of us.  The gold is God the Father, the red is Jesus Christ, and the silver in the palm is the Holy Spirit. The purple represents creativity,…

The Core: An Original Painting

This is an original painting I did called The Core. The hand print in the center is the artisan. It could be a writer, artist, architect, filmmaker, or whatever. At the core of every artisan, it is their imagination and inspiration that creates such beauty. I hope you find it a great piece of art. 

Painting- Speckled

I did this painting just for fun. However, when I showed it, I had a buyer right away. I was so surprised. I think it was the coffee colors. It’s just various shades of browns, tans, and blacks on a small canvas. The paint is acrylic.