Best Appreciate A Dragon Day Tweets!

Linnaea Mallette

Yesterday, #AppreciateADragonDay was trending on Twitter. As a huge fan of dragons in fiction, I could not help but be overjoyed by this development.

Dragons have been a staple in fiction, particularly in fantasy genre, ever since the Medieval Times. You can find them in the Western canon and in epics from Asia. Fiction writers from JRR Tolkien to Akira Toriyama to CS Johnson and beyond included dragons in their stories. This is worth a day and it should be made into an international holiday.

Now I could not help, but compile a list of my favorites tweets from this very special day. Check them out below:

Love the reference to Toothless.

Gotta go with Shenron:

This tweet is one of the best. It combines fluff with scales. It could not be any cooler.

And, of course, I got to get my shameless plug in there.

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