Welcome to my blog. I am a blogger, videographer, and author. This website is designed to bring you my articles, essays, and commentary in regards to movies, TV, books, music,pop culture, and even politics. I am a proud patriot of United States of America and I’m not ashamed of that fact. Most importantly, I am a proud believer in Jesus Christ, and I am not ashamed of that fact either.

I hope that any reader will feel encouraged or inspired by what you read here. I have a secret wish that you might even learn something from my postings. It is made to raise awareness on things I’m passionate about, whether it’s the latest comic books, discussions about my Christian faith, or an ideal that I stand for.

For more, follow me on Twitter: @RealJacobAirey, Instagram: real.jacob.airey, Facebook: Author Jacob Airey, and subscribe to my YouTube channel: StudioJake.

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All works here are my own and are owned by me. Plagiarism is not cool! 
I will, on occasion share another bloggers' article, but I will give he or she 
full credit for their work. 

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