StudioJake 103- Is Ghostbusters 3 A Good Idea?

After the disastrous Ghostbusters remake starring Melissa McCarthy, a new film that follows the original series is in development. What does that mean for the franchise? That scene with my dog was totally not planned.

Check it out below:

Jason Reitman hid the pre-production development under the title of ‘Rust City.’ It is said that Ghostbusters 3 will unite much of the former cast, including Dan Akroyd. The question is, will fellow Saturday Night Live alumni Bill Murray return to the big screen when the call is given? Who cares? Pick another SNL alumni, but not from the current era of sub-par “woke” comedians who wouldn’t know a good joke if it hit them in the head.

Also, do not miss my rant against the Hollywood elite who think they can lecture audiences on how they let down the limousine liberals in their question to make films about old men sowing or woke pictures everyone hates. It is an off-the-wall kind of thing.

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