Graphic Novel Review- Nightwing: The New Order

DC Comics brings us Nighting: The New Order, a dystopian story written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Trevor McCarthy, who also did the cover art for the entire series.

Taking place in the not-too-distant future of 2040, things have changed. Several years earlier, during a battle in Metropolis that took Batman’s life, Nightwing used a device that “switched off” all of the superpowers of heroes and villains, except for Speed Force, Lanterns, and robotic users. Grayson now leads the Crusaders, a clandestine law enforcement agency that polices anyone who has powers based in Gotham City. However, when his son Jake develops powers from his mother Starfire, he is forced to connect with the Titans and go on the run, possibly endangering the world he helped create.

Kyle Higgins definitely did an excellent job crafting this dystopian story. I enjoyed following along with Dick Grayson and his son as they go on the run from the world that Nightwing helped create. He fails to see the irony of him not turning over his son to the authorities even though he has done that to countless others, some being put into stasis via Mr. Freeze. These themes are well-explored in Higgins’ story and his development of Grayson and Jake is entertaining and interesting. Also, the artwork by McCarthy is top-notch, perfectly matching the tone and theme of the wolrd the story builds.

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