Book Review- Undefeated In Love And War

Undefeated in love and war book

Carmelo Domenic Licciardello known for his on stage persona as Carman, a Christian singer is a legend when it comes to contemporary Christian singer. His videos, songs, and talk shows have changed lives. This time, he is exploring the world of fiction. 

Jack DeNova is a famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is approached by a couple of guys to fight at their hotel. What he does not realize is that the venue is owned by the Russian Mafia. After the fight, he is challenged by one of the boss’s sons whom he is forced to kill in the ring. 

To escape, he goes into the witness protection program where he meets Maria, a fellow witness in hiding. They are risking everything to fall in love as the Mob continue to look for him. 

When it comes to music, Carman is a mixed bag. You either love him or hate him. Love one song or hate the other. This novel, however, is pretty awesome. It has action, love story, well developed characters, and a great story that is amazing. 

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