#IDAddict – Another 11 Investigation Discovery Shows

I’m an Investigation Discovery (ID) addict. In fact, I am watching one of the television shows as I am writing this list.

I love watching the details of a crime and how the police and other investigators investigation-discovery-logosolve it. In some cases, I love the shows the prosecution trying the case. It is always interesting to see how a detective solves the “whodunit,” but I also like to hear the stories behind the crime. Who was the victim? Why were they targeted?
What events led up to the events in the story?

It can be so interesting to hear how these crimes are solved. I showed you my Top 14 Favorite Shows. Here are another 11 shows.

I Am Homicide – Veteran Homicide Detective Garry McFadden tells about how he solved murders in the Charlotte area.

The Mind of a Murderer– Criminal Psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward interviews some of the most interesting killers in prison.

Deadly Women– This show usually is divided between three women who have committed some of the most outrageous crimes.

Betrayed– Have you ever wondered about the crime through the eyes of the victim? This show attempts to answer that question.

True Nightmares– Todd Robins brings us some bizarre and scary crimes. Everything from sleepwalking killers to grave robbers.

Web Of Lies– In this modern age, the internet can be a good thing. However, surfing on the web could have deadly consequences.

Swamp Murders– What is it about swamps? They can have good fishing and hunting, but also could hide a body.

Suspicion– Sometimes, all you have is a gut feeling. This is a show about people who solved cases through the force of will.

Evil Stepmothers– Sometimes, step families can be peaceful and loving. Sometimes, they can be deadly.

Stalked– You might not realize it when it happens, but when it does, stalking can become a serious and deadly matter.

A Stranger In My Home– Roommates, college buddies, relatives, and old friends could have a darker side.

That’s my list. Do you have any favorites? If you’re a fellow ID Addict, share and like this post. Don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming entertainment and pop culture articles like this one.

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