Movie Review- The Week Of

The Week Of is the latest in a string of Netflix comedy films made in a special deal with comedian, actor, and Saturday Night Live alumni Adam Sandler. It is direct by Robert Smigel who co-wrote it with Sandler.

Father of the bride Kenny Lustig (Adam Sandler) and father of the groom Dr. Kirby Cordice (Chris Rock) are gearing up for their children’s, Sarah Lustig (Allison Strong) and Tyler Cordice’s (Roland Buck III), wedding. Kenny is trying to please everyone as the day of the wedding approaching, much to Kirby’s annoyance (and at times, safety).

Kenny is trying to do everything he can to keep the family together, including letting Tyler’s entire wedding party crash at his house. He books a motel for the ceremony, that develops a bad leak. His daughter’s maid of honor is insane. His great-uncle has no legs. As disaster after disaster happens, Kirby, a wealthy surgeon, keeps offering to bail out Kenny with his cash. Soon, however, Kirby discovers he does not even know the son who is about to get married while Kenny learns not to let pride get in the way of his daughter’s big day.

While The Week Of often relies too much on Sandler’s signature scatological and gross humor that is present in most of his films, the movie does produce some genuine laughs thanks to Sandler and Rock’s perfect comedic timing and chemistry. The rest of the cast does a good job of playing their roles. You’ll see plenty of SNL cameos. Each offers lots of witty one-liners.

A lot of Sandler’s films have been attacked by critics for using their cheap tricks and while that is true in some cases, I genuinely enjoyed this movie. Anyone who has ever gone through a wedding can identify with the non-stop roller coaster emotionally that wedding planning can turn into.

Bottom line, it has some genuine laughs, a lot of heart, though it falls short on a few plot-points, it is an enjoyable movie for a Friday evening after a week of hard work.

FAVORITE LINE: Let me bail us out of this.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, gross humor, brief sexual content

Watch the trailer below:

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