‘Batman and the Justice League Vol. 2’ Manga Review

Batman and the Justice League Vol. 2‘ is the second in a series adapted by Japanese manga author Shiori Teshirogi. It is published by DC Comics and in the pages of the monthly Japanese anthology “Red.”

Picking up after the first volume, Orm the Ocean Master manages to break free from his prison and threatens to invade Gotham City. However, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman manage to drive him back, but he is rescued by the Joker. As the Justice League strategize, Rui is reunited with his mother, who is infected with the power of leylines. The Joker and Akurou manage to convince Orm to continue his attack on Gotham by giving him his trident. At first, Batman refuses the Justice Leagues help, but after Orm’s attack shakes Wayne Manor, almost killing Alfred, the Dark Knight puts aside his loner mentality and works with his fellow heroes to stop the Ocean Master.

Similar to the previous one, I really liked the character designs. Batman, Joker, Rui, and Ocean Master are all very well illustrated in particular. I also liked Wonder Woman. Her action sequences where she uses her lasso of truth on Rui’s mom is some of the best drawn in the manga.

As for the plot, I like the overall story, but I felt this one spent too much time on the battle between Aquaman and Ocean Master. As Orm grows stronger thanks to the energies from the leylines, he and his half-brother spend a great deal discussing their past as they fight. I thought this was a bit too long. Also, Lex Luthor just kind of disappears. Though he was shown to be a main antagonist in the first manga, he was completely absent from this one.

With that being said, I did enjoy her tributes to Batman. She connects his attitude toward the Justice League to the death of Jason Todd, giving the story more emotion and depth. I also like Batman’s growing relationship with Rui. The Dark Knight always has a soft side for kids and their connection, though subtle, is an excellent addition to the mythos.

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