Book Review: Deliver Us From Evil

Cindy Jacobs is an amazing revivalist who is known for her missions work in South America. ImageShe has called for a new renewal on the church. This book that I am reviewing is one of her older ones she wrote to address the growing of the occult that is being popularized by our popular culture. I do wish she would update it for today.

She begins the book by address RPG such as Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, etc. She explores their Satanic roots and implores parents to study these things before letting their kids get into such things. Some things in this chapter may seem like exaggeration, but I believe that what she is saying is not wrong.

Further chapters explores the violence of the Occult, Black Magic, Voodoo, Satanists, Death Metal music, and the demonic in general. She provides great resources for parents and ministers to help counsel people who are dabblers and such to keep children from further exploring these dark arts.

Despite this being an older book, I think it is relevant today. With books such as Twilight, Orcs, Warhammer, giving new rise to the Occult, we should be on the watch for these things and protect our children. I highly recommend this book!

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