Music Review- Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams

01 wildest dreamsFrom pop star Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, Wildest Dreams is a single that will go down in history. It is simple, beautiful and definitely be remembered as one of her greatest songs. 

It has beautiful music mixed in with some catchy lyrics, and of course, Taylor Swift’s amazing voice and you have got one incredible song. Though the lyrics tell a somewhat sad story of forbidden love that soon takes a wrong turn, I found it charming in every single way. 

The music video is stunning with images from Africa that tells the classic story of the leading lady falling for the lead man. It is the perfect backdrop to match the story the lyrics of the song are trying to convey. It is stunning and could almost be mistaken for a movie if Taylor Swift’s voice was not there. 

It is one incredible song. Yet, simply because it was filmed in Africa, there is controversy over it thanks to the annoying soy-infested SJWs. They claim the song represents racism since Taylor Swift is the singer. Seriously? That is nothing but a load of garbage and is meant nothing more to generate clicks for all these Far Left website. Download the song twice just to aggravate them. 

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4 thoughts on “Music Review- Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams

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