Star Wars Episode IX Has A New Director… And No One Is Happy

It was previously reported that Colin Trevorrow had parted ways with Disney and LucasFilms following ‘creative differences’ over the making of the untitled Star Wars Episode IX and the lackluster box-office performance of Trevorrow’s indie film The Book Of Henry. I had high expectations for Trevorrow as I enjoyed Jurassic World, but I have several friends who disagree with that opinion.

That argument is pointless now that Trevorrow is gone. We all braced for an announcement, ready and waiting. I gave my list of suggestions and I thought it would be at least a week before we heard any news.

Disney did not even wait for Colin Trevorrow to give his first interview when they announced that J.J. Abrams, the non-creative mind behind Star Wars The Force Awakens, would helm the project. I guess I can say, “At least it wasn’t Rian Johnson.”

I honestly was hesitant when Abrams took over Star Wars. He made a decent film in Star Trek Into Darkness, but it was an overblown remake of Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan. While Episode VII was brilliant as far as aesthetics, it was nothing more than a remake of A New Hope. The question is, will Abrams play it safe or bring something new and original. I have my doubts about the latter.

No matter who they went with, whether they brought in someone new or not, they are in a predicament. The so-called fans that hated the Star Wars prequels, who whined about midichlorians and Qui-Gon Jinn, blasted the originality that George Lucas, the creator of the franchise, brought to the table. They moaned and threw hissy fits, so Disney gave them what they wanted. The Force Awakens was completely built on nostalgia instead of originality to continue the franchise. Then, those same fans threw more hissy fits over the nostalgia.

That’s ironic. The so-called fans who bemoaned originality whined about nostalgia. They made that bed and now they can lie in it. Those of us who enjoyed the prequels and saw them for what they are cannot help but say, “We told you so.”

Hopefully, I am wrong and J.J, Abrams will bring us a brilliant addition to the franchise. If that is the case, then I will admit that I was wrong, but for now, it is looking more like I am in the majority.

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