Movie Review- Io

Directed by Jonathan Helpert, Io (or IO depending on who you ask) is a 2019 post-apocalyptic Netflix original film. It is written by Clay Jeter and Charles Spano with music by Alex Belcher.

In a dystopian future, the Earth’s atmosphere has become toxic, forcing humanity to flee to Jupiter’s moon Io where they are preparing to go further into space.

Sam (Margaret Qualley) is the daughter of Dr. Walden (Danny Huston), who holds out hope that the Earth will eventually cure its toxic zone or that humanity will eventually become immune to the chemicals.

At first, Sam is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps and help prepare humanity for when Earth is ready to be reinhabited. However, Micah (Anthony Mackie) arrives at their laboratory in the safe zone. He is planning to leave to the last ship heading to Io. Sam decides that it is time to leave her family’s lab and seek a new in the stars, but that means a dangerous trek across the toxic zone.

This movie is honestly nothing special. It is The Happening without the bad acting or the gore, but it is still a tired, old faux-science fiction genre about how the evil humans have polluted so much that we either poisoned ourselves or the Earth is punishing us through nature. It brings absolutely nothing to the table.

Another issue with the movie is the appeal to the intellectualism in every person. The problem is… you do not really care. As Sam and Micah philosophize about the past, human nature, and what not, you end yawning or checking your phone. The conversations add absolutely nothing to the story and only prolongs the plot. Even the romantic subplot feels more like an exercise in a freshmen philosophy student’s classroom than an important part of the film.

The one positive aspect of this film is Anthony Mackie’s acting, not that Margaret Qualley is bad, but Mackie is clearly the most impressive of the two. Despite the fact that the movie tries to be an intellectual exercise, they were at least decent in the plot.

Bottom line, Io is a typical Hollywood environmentalism film without the preachiness or the flashy bells and whistles-type special effects but instead tries to appeal to the viewer’s intellect, making it seem more pretentious and slow than a testament to the environment.

FAVORITE QUOTE: The fundamental principle of nature is survival.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Brief strong foul language, Mild sexuality

You can check out the trailer below:

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