DEWAR: Franklin Graham Decries The ‘Joker’

Warner Bros.

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham decided to sound off on Todd Phillip’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. In a post on his official Facebook page, he states, “This is no joke. The Warner Brothers’ new movie “Joker” glamorizes a mass killer and is so violent that it caused law enforcement to call for extra security in some cities. This movie is potentially dangerous. Families of mass shooting victims have protested, and the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security warned law enforcement after there were online threats calling for mass shootings. Isn’t it ironic that as progressives in Hollywood call for extreme gun control, they are also the ones making money from releasing films that glorify extreme violence? When copycats are influenced by the evil and gore they see in films like this, moviemakers—in this case, Warner Brothers—should be held responsible.”

With rhetoric like this, you cannot blame leftists for thinking Christianity is tyrannical in nature. When you barrow their verbiage, be prepared to have it backfire. Franklin’s assertions are dreadfully vague. The need to bring awareness to the sinful themes in the film is understandable, but the compulsion assigned judgment where it does not belong is highly, highly unwise.

Franklin says that the Joker “glamorizes a mass killer.” What exactly does he mean by that? Does the film justify violence? Does the quality of the cinematography and costume make it more desirable to behave dangerously?  I don’t think so. The vast majority of watchers are not going to watch the film, and want to be a ‘Joker.’ A fear of clowns is well known and socially shared. The message presented by the film is overtly about how one type of experience can exacerbate an emotionally vulnerable person. That informs the audience on how to possibly halt the development of that vulnerability in people they know. Isn’t that a good thing?

If Christians express intense abhorrence for presentations of sin, I am afraid they not well acquainted with the Holy Bible. Furthermore, if Christians what to assign blame on someone that is not directly responsible are, again, not well acquainted with the Holy Bible.

The Christian ethic to shield your eyes from manifestations of evil is meant for the individual to evaluate for themselves juxtaposed by the Christian ethic they hold. Attempting to incoherently scare people into your perception of morality will always defeat the purpose of helping people. If you, personally, do not think you can consume a type of media without holding true to solid morality, don’t watch it. 

Some Christians poorly evaluate human frailty and fallen nature. It is healthy to understand what you don’t want to become. It is a consistent reason ‘why’ many of the Christian productions fall flat in storytelling due to lack of contrast between light and darkness. 

Joker is a movie, and nothing more. Media is a mirror. You would do well to assess what you have inside you before assuming the worst in everyone else around you.

Rosemary Dewar is a commentator for Athens Now, Red Alert Politics, and a friend to this blog.

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One thought on “DEWAR: Franklin Graham Decries The ‘Joker’

  1. So, thanks for your article. I’d just like to say a few things…
    First off, I’ve been a Bible-believing, born again, evangelical Christian for, oh… about 30 years now. And I have to say that blanket comments made by Christians or otherwise about what Christians ought and ought not to see have always rankled me.
    I saw “The Joker”. It was one of the darkest, depressing films with a lack of any redemptive message whatsoever that I have ever seen. It was extremely well made and acted- Phoenix is amazing- but for me, there’s no reason to ever see it again. It was that bleak.
    But did it glorify violence or glamorize mass killings? No. Quite the opposite, actually. It showed violence and killings, but that doesn’t equate glamorizing it. The Joker is presented as a beyond disturbed, warped and loathsome individual, as he should be.
    I suspect Graham didn’t see the film, which is a shame. I believe you need to go to the source if you’re going to offer any sweeping statements, and if you don’t, then avoid the statements. It’s that easy.
    But listen, this stuff happens all the time from all camps. How many times have you heard sweeping statements made about Trump supporters or even Christians by those on the opposite side? …For instance, you sentences that begin with “if Christians” fit right in that example. No… we are talking about Graham’s opinions, not all Christians. It’s a little bit of dishonest slight-of-hand that all camps use, unfortunately.
    As for your comments on the Bible, well… there’s a difference between glorifying violence and stating that it happened. But that’s a different conversation.
    Peace to you.

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