Music Review- Hollyn: In Awe


“I’m living in awe,” is how one simple lyric in a song can captivate you. I have reviewed several of the Gotee Records shining star Hollyn’s songs including Alone which features Tobymac’s son TRU. It is one of the greatest songs on her new album One-way Conversations. It is pure magic from beginning to end. She is performing live on the Hits Deep Tour this winter and spring. You can find her at Camp Electric in Nashville, Tennessee training the next generation of worship leaders.

I know I was getting ahead of myself earlier in this bonus post. Normally, I save the commentary for this second paragraph. That is really hard for a song that is so beautiful like this one. The soft music blend perfectly with the lyrics. Unfortunately, you will not hear this song at the Grammy’s because it clearly talking about her love for God. It is a beautiful tribute to Jesus Christ and truly shows her faith as a Christian. I hope that she makes a music video to this one.

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