Music Review- Megan Nicole covers John Legend’s Love Me Now


Megan Nicole has covered several songs like The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down and Adele’s When We Were Young. She has also done a couple of original songs like Mascara. She has an incredible voice and a whole lot of talent. Today, I am spotlighting her latest cover. This time, John Legend’s hit song Love Me Now.

I am not a huge John Legend fan, but this is one great song and you would think it would be hard to cover. That is not the case. Megan Nicole works here pop music magic and really brings this song home. She pays homage to it with her voice and even with the way the song is produced. This is one of the best as far as production values. Also, I loved the music video. It was simple and elegant with her singing in a microphone with a spacious studio. It hit home.

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